As a Catholic school we share the responsibility with parents of instructing our students in the tenets of the Roman Catholic faith. The Diocese of Rockville Centre has established religion curriculum guidelines, which serve as an outline for instruction. The major themes of scripture, prayer/worship, service, and peace and justice correlate with the texts utilized in grades K-8.

A variety of videos and educational television programs are incorporated to enhance classroom presentations. Each grade has a priest moderator who assists in planning monthly school liturgies and classroom instruction.

In addition to formal instruction, we strive to create and develop an awareness of the presence of God and respect for self and others. Prayers that recognize personal, family, and world needs are recited daily. Special para-liturgies and prayer services, which are planned by the Religion curriculum committee, are conducted to celebrate special feasts and holidays.

During the seasons of Lent and Advent, representatives present readings each morning over the public address system. Symbols of these liturgical seasons are displayed in the main hall, which serves as a gathering place for class prayer services. A school-wide retreat morning is held annually.

Teachers organize a variety of activities related to a selected theme thereby providing extended time for prayer and worship. The campus minister assists each grade level in planning the monthly liturgies in conjunction with the parish clergy and the parish music staff. Class representatives participate as altar servers, ministers of the Word and gift bearers.

The monthly liturgy takes place during a scheduled parish mass providing the students, as well as members of the broader parish community, the opportunity to worship together. The campus minister also teaches liturgical music to each class on a weekly basis. An important component of the religion program is providing opportunities for service.

Several times during the school year, the students are asked to assist those less fortunate. Children generously respond to appeals during the Christmas and Lenten seasons. Individual participation in the Holy Childhood Mission campaign during the Lenten season has resulted in significant donations. Candidates for Confirmation in grade 7 are required to perform a minimum of 25 hours of service prior to receiving the sacrament. Several times each week during recess, many students assist classroom teachers, and the cafeteria and main office staff.

Recognizing the responsibility of sharing their faith and beliefs, several grade levels participate in a Diocesan sponsored Respect Life essay, poetry, and art contest.

A K-8 Family Life Program is taught in conjunction with the religion curriculum. The importance of values, respect for life, building healthy relationships, and recognizing the gifts of others are the major themes.

Recognizing the significance of modeling, the administration, faculty and staff interact in a collaborative and respectful manner.

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