Class 1-2 Mrs. Katie LaForgia

January's Virtue of the Month is respect
How can you show respect to your friends, family, and teachers?

Each week, the children in First Grade learn so many new things!

Ask your child about…

  • using addition and subtraction facts to write fact families.
  • understanding how a parish is like a family.
  • understanding all about families (today and long ago).
  • identifying and writing proper nouns.
  • making sure the subject and verb in a sentence agree. 
  • this week's story Seasons.
  • words with short vowels and ​-sh, wh,​ or ​-ph.
  • this weekend’s Gospel story.

Class 1-2’s Special’s Schedule

Day A-Music (10:30 am)

Day B- Library (1:50 pm)

Day C- Gym (1:50 pm)

Day D- Liturgical Music (1:10 pm)

Day E- Computer (8:30 am)

Day F- Art (8:30 am)


Cafeteria Schedule & Prices

Tuesdays- pizza ($1.50)

Wednesdays- pretzels ($1.50)
       *Order is taken on Monday morning. 

Thursdays- chicken nuggets ($1.50)

Fridays- bagels (choice of plain, butter, or cream cheese)
 *Order is taken on Wednesday morning.

Served Daily- snacks ($.50), juice ($.50), water ($.75) and ice cream ($1.00)