Class 1-2 Mrs. Katie LaForgia

Happy Spring!

April's Monthly Theme is Justice.
How can you act with justice at home and in school?


Each week, the children in First Grade learn so many new things!

Ask your child about…

  • using quick pictures to model and solve double digit addition problems.
  • comparing measurements (shortest, longest).
  • how to show we are sorry for our sins.
  • this week's story Amazing Animals
  • words with er, ir, ur (r-controlled vowel e, i, u).
  • subject pronouns.
  • space travel and the difference between the inner and outer planets.
  • sight words that the class has learned so far.
  • this weekend’s Gospel story.
  • our preparations for Special People Day!  (Check out the songs in the Class Resources section)


Class 1-2’s Special’s Schedule

Day A-Computer (1:45 pm)

Day B- Music (9:10 am)

Day C- Gym (1:05 pm)

Day D- Library (8:30 am)

Day E- no special

Day F- Art (1:45 pm)


Cafeteria Schedule & Prices

Tuesdays- pizza ($1.50)

Wednesdays- pretzels ($1.50)

Thursdays- chicken nuggets ($1.50)

Fridays- bagels (choice of plain, butter, or cream cheese)

Served Daily- snacks ($.50), juice ($.50), water ($.75) and ice cream ($1.00)