Mrs. Maureen Davis Class 1-4

Welcome to Class 1-4!


St. Agnes' School Theme: ACTION: Accepting Christ Today in One Another!  

Dear Parents,
     I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter vacation and are rested and ready for the last leg of our first grade journey. There are alot of exciting things planned.

                                   Here's What's Happening
Some of the things we are learning this week are:
Math- We will be continuing with measurement and  learning to read time for the hour and half hour on an analog clock.
Science- The students will be learning about the food groups, a balanced diet, and healthy habits.
Religion-We are continuing to learn, and put into practice, making good choices. We will be reading about Adam and Eve's choices and continuing to learn that God never stops loving us.
Reading/ELA- They have been really growing and strengthening their reading skills. We will continue practice with "Whistle for Willie", learning about cause/effect relationships,rhyming patterns, 'oo' words, and pronouns.

Spelling City is available for practice with both spelling words and sight words. Your child's username and login came home on this week's homework sheet.
1. Look for student sign in on the homepage and add in information.
2. Go to list and games.
3. Choose the spelling list.
4. Pick a game to play!

*As is suggested for every weeks spelling homework, please guide your child toward choosing different assignments each week. 

 Gym uniforms on B Day.
 School uniform measurements on 4/26.
 Math test next week. 5/2.


School begins at 8:15 a.m. Walkers are dismissed at 2:40 p.m. and bus students are dismissed at 2:45 p.m. If your child is normally a bus student and will be dismissed as a walker, please be sure to send in a note that day to indicate the change. Thank You!

Cafeteria News:
Food Schedule:
Tuesdays: Pizza
Wednesdays: Pretzels (orders will be taken the Monday before)
Thursdays: Chicken Nuggets
Friday: Bagels - plain, butter, cream cheese (orders will be taken the Wednesday before)

*All food items listed above are $1.50
*Snacks are $0.50, Water $0.75, Juice $0.50, Ice cream $1.00

*To contact me please call ext. 314 and leave me a voicemail, send an email to, or send a note with your child and I will get back to you as soon as possible!*

Themes of the Month: 
September: Hospitality & Charity
October: Peace
November: Gratitude 
December: Patience
January: Courage
February: Gentleness
March: Mercy
April: Justice
May: Honesty
June: Faithfulness