Class 2-2 Mrs. Cathy Gibbons

                                       Happy Halloween!

                           St. Agnes Cathedral School: 
    A Century of Educating God’s Greatest Gift, Our Children

Mrs. Gibbons - Class 2-2
Our Specials:
A Day: Liturgical Music/2nd Step w/Mrs. Gorey
B Day: Library
C Day:  Computer
D Day:  Gym 9:50-10:30
E Day:  Music
F Day:  Art

October's Monthly Theme: Empathy

IOWA testing: Wed. 10/12- Fri. 10/14 & Tues. 10/17- Fri. 10/20
Please make sure your child has a good night's sleep & a healthy breakfast.  Thank you!

Please send a note each day there is a change in your child's dismissal routine. This includes walkers, band, aftercare & enrichment. Thank you!

Please print October's reading log (listed under resources) so your child can record his/her daily reading. October's reading log will be due on Thursday, November 2nd. Thank you!

DEAR time 
(drop everything and read) books should be changed every Monday. 

Spelling: Week of 10/16/17
1.spin 2.clap 3.grade 4.swim 6.last 7.test 9.drag 10.glide 11.just 12.stage 13.slip 15.climb 16.price

This month we will learn about:
ReligionIntroduction to The 7 Sacraments, Weekly Gospel
place value to 1,000
Fairy Tales
Cycles in Nature, Plants
Teacher's Pets    Skill:
Story Structure

Arrival for all students: 8:15AM
Walker Dismissal: 2:40PM
Bus Dismissal: 2:45PM
 *Lunch 11:10-12:10PM  (
Tuesday-pizza, Wednesday-pretzels,
                                     Thursday-chicken nuggets, Friday-bagels)

Spelling Test Rubric: 
14 - 16 = 3 (grade level understanding)
11 - 13 = 2 (partial understanding)
1 - 10 =   1 (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric: 
10 =  4 (thorough and consistent understanding)
7-9 = 3 (grade level understanding)
4-6 = 2 (partial understanding)
1-3 = 1 (minimal understanding)