Class 2-2 Mrs. Cathy Gibbons

St. Agnes Cathedral School: 
A Century of Educating God’s Greatest Gift, Our Children

Mrs. Gibbons - Class 2-2

Our Specials:
A Day:  
B Day:  
C Day:  
D Day:  Gym 9:10-9:50
E Day:  
Liturgical Music/2nd Step w/Mrs. Gorey
F Day: 

April's monthly virtue: Grace

Please label of your child's belongings and clothes especially gym sweatshirts. Thank you!

Please print March's reading log (listed under resources) so your child can record his/her daily reading. March's reading log will be due on Mon. April 1st.  Thank you!

Please report your child's absence by 9 A.M. or change in dismissal routine by 2 P.M. on the Pick Up Patrol app. An absent note must accompany your child on the day he/she returns from an absence otherwise it will be considered an unexcused absence. Thank you!

DEAR time (drop everything and read) books should be changed every Monday. Thank you for your cooperation!

This month we will learn about:
Religion: The Sorrowful Mysteries & The Stations of the Cross, Holy Week,Weekly Gospels 
Math: Time, 2D & 3D shapes, fractions
LA:   Present & past tense verbs
S/S: Immigration
Reading:  Story: Easter Stories
                  Skill: main idea & supporting details

*All spelling words are listed on the resource tab according to the story for the week.

for all students: 8:15AM
Walker Dismissal: 2:40PM
Bus Dismissal: 2:45PM
 *Lunch 11:10-12:10PM 
Tuesday - pizza $2.00
  - Wednesday - pretzels (orders taken on Monday) $1.50
  - Thursday - chicken nuggets $2.00
  - Friday - bagels (orders taken on Wednesday) $1.50

Spelling Test Rubric: 
316-14 (grade level understanding)
213-11 (partial understanding)
110-1  (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric: 
4=10 (thorough and consistent understanding)
3=9-7 (grade level understanding)
2=6-4 (partial understanding)
1=3-1 (minimal understanding)