Class 2-2 Mrs. Cathy Gibbons

Mrs. Gibbons Class 2-2  

Special Schedule

Day A: Gym 1:05-1:45
Day B: 
Day C: Art 10:30-11:10
Day D: Computer  9:10-9:50
Day E: 
Day F: Music  1:05-1:45

March's Monthly Theme: Mercy

Please support The St. Agnes Service Club by donating colorful scarves, warm socks & slippers which benefits patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering clinic at Mercy hospital. Thank you in advance for your generosity!

Due to the new bus dismissal procedure, please send your child to school with a note each day he/she will be a walker or attending after school enrichment. Thanks! 

*We're begin
ning Sacrament prep!!  It is imperative that your child attend Mass & use the responses (found on resources) needed for their upcoming sacraments.  These can be found under "Resources".  All Liturgy of the Word responses need to be known for First Holy Communion (5/6 @ 1:00 in the Cathedral).

Please print up March's reading calendar (listed under resources) so your child can record his/her daily reading. March's reading calendar is due on Mon. April 3rd. Thanks!    

Please make sure your child has 2 books that he/she can read during DEAR (drop everything and read) time each day. Books must be changed weekly.  

Spelling Words
for Week of 3/27/17:
1.night 2.kind 3.spy 4.child 5.light 6.find 7.right 8.high 9.wild 10.July 11.fry 12.sigh 14 why 15.behind 16.lightning

Some topics we will be learning this week/month are:

Religion: Lent, The Sorrowful Mysteries, The Stations of the
         Cross, Weekly Gospel

L/A: Past & Present Action & Irregular Verbs
Math: Coins & their values
Science: Properties of the 3 States of Matter 
Reading:  Story: Luke Goes To Bat Skill: sequence of events

Spelling Test Rubric:
3 = 16-14  (grade level understanding)
2 = 13-11 (partial understanding)
1 = 10-1 (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric:
4 = 10 (thorough & consistent understanding)
3 = 9-7 (grade level understanding)
2 =  6-4 (partial understanding)
1 = 3-1 (minimal understanding)

Arrival/Dismissal Times:
Arrival time for all students - 8:15 am
Walker dismissal - 2:40 pm
Bus dismissal - 2:45 pm
**Lunch - 11:15 am - 12:05 pm      

Cafeteria Prices
Pizza (Tuesdays), pretzels (Wednesday), chicken nuggets (Thursdays) & bagels (Fridays) are all$1.50
Ice Cream is $1.00, all other snacks are $ .50,  juice is $.50, and water is $.75