Class 2-4 Mrs. Angie Phelan

St. Agnes Cathedral School: 
A Century of Educating God’s Greatest Gift, Our Children
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."  ~Philippians 4:13

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October's Virtue: Cooperation

- IOWA tests in reading, language arts & math begin on Tuesday, 10/16.  These cannot be studied for.  Please make sure the children get plenty of rest, eat a good breakfast (lunch will be later than usual), & have at least 2 well-sharpened pencils with good erasers.
- The classroom is finally starting to get chilly!  If your child will be cold, only gym sweatshirts or navy school sweaters may be worn over the regular uniform.  Spiritwear (green, grey, white) may not be worn.
IZZA & CHICKEN NUGGETS are now $2.  Pretzels & bagels will remain at $1.50.
- Reading calendars/logs begin this month.  You can find it on the "resources" tab.  They'll be due FRIDAY, 11/2.
-We're still waiting for the student accounts to be updated for ThinkCentral & IXL.

-While Pickup Patrol is used to report your child's absence on a given day.  A written absent note STILL needs to be submitted on the day they return.  
-After lunch DEAR time books need to be changed each week.  Books can be from home or school library, but should last a week.  I've noticed many picture books that are fun to read, but are too simple and not grade appropriate.

-IXL logging in for specific skills is being assigned for HW.  Keep your log in info in a safe place.

-It's also good practice to log into ThinkCentral on Thursdays to review our weekly story prior to the test. 
-Only a school gym sweatshirt or school button sweater may be worn if your child is cold in the classroom.

*DISMISSAL PROCEDURES:  Pickup Patrol is to be used to report all absences and changes to dismissal. Absence reporting must be made through the app by 9 A.M. All changes to your child’s normal dismissal must also be completed by 2 P.M. through  Pickup Patrol as well.

*No toys, crafts, or sports equipment may be brought from home

*Home access has been given to Think Central (Go Math & Journeys).  This is great for extra practice in math, reviewing our weekly story, or for printing pages when your child is absent or the page is forgotten.  The direct link can be found under Resources.
Forgotten math HW or out sick?  Here are the new printing instructions for ThinkCentral: Think Central Printing Directions.docx


     In order to learn & have fun as a member of Class 2-4, I promise to be responsible by: doing my work in a timely way, listening to others, not talk when anyone else is, keep my hands to myself, take care of my things, be respectful, include others, and treat everyone kindly.  I CAN DO THIS!

This month we'll learn about:

Math - 3-digit numbers & place-value; basic facts & relationships
LA -  subject/predicate; fairy tales
Reading -  cause & effect; story structure
Religion -  The Rosary; The Sacraments; special feast days; weekly Gospels
Social Studies - government
Science - cycles in nature


Day A - Computer (9:10-9:50)
Day B
- Library (10:30-11:10)
Day C
- Art (1:50-2:30)
Day D
- Music (9:50-10:30)
Day E
- Liturgical Music (1:50-2:30) OR 2nd Step with Mrs. Gorey
Day F
- Gym (10:30-11:10)
*Fr. James will be visiting us every other week to enrich our faith.

Tuesday (pizza = $2)
Wednesday (pretzels = $1.50) *count taken on Monday
Thursday (chicken nuggets = $2)
Friday (bagels = $1.50) *count taken on Wednesday