Class 2-3 Miss Erin Von Elm

New Year

The virtue of the month for December is: Taking Initiative


Day A: Art (9:10- 9:50)
Day B: Computer (1:50- 2:30)
Day C: Music (9:10- 9:50)
Day D: Library (9:10- 9:50)
Day E: Liturgical Music (1:50-2:30)
Day F: Gym (9:10-9:50)

This Month We Will Learn About:
LA - Nouns
Math - 2- Digit Subtraction
Reading -  Describing key ideas or details
Religion - Advent, The Joyful Mysteries, The Nativity
Science -Health facts

To review weekly stories or to access the GoMath book, head to Think Central. Passwords and usernames have been distributed.

Please report your child's absence by 9 A.M. or change in dismissal routine by 2 P.M. on the Pick Up Patrol app. An absent note must accompany your child on the day he/she returns from an absence otherwise it will be considered an unexcused absence. Thank you!

Please print December's reading log (listed under resources) so your child can record his/her daily reading. December's reading log will be due on Friday, Dec. 21st
Thank you! 

Arrival for all students: 8:15AM
Walker Dismissal: 2:40PM
Bus Dismissal: 2:45PM

**The price of pizza & chicken nuggets is now $2.00. Pretzels and bagels will remain at $1.50.
**Lunch 11:10-12:10PM
 - Tuesday - pizza
  - Wednesday - pretzels (orders taken on Monday)
  - Thursday - chicken nuggets
  - Friday - bagels (orders taken on Wednesday)

Spelling Test Rubric: 

14 - 16 = 3 (grade level understanding)
11 - 13 = 2 (partial understanding)
1 - 10 =   1 (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric: 

10 =  4 (thorough and consistent understanding)
7-9 = 3 (grade level understanding)
4-6 = 2 (partial understanding)
1-3 = 1 (minimal understanding)