Miss Samantha Servedio Class 2-3

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 The monthly virtue for June is reflection.
Joyful God, we thank you for this time together. We thank for for the sun in the sky, the cool sea water, and the sand. We thank you for yummy snacks, buckets, pales and beach umbrellas. We thank you for our family, our friends and the life guards who keep us safe. We ask that you bless us and we praise you for this beautiful Creation that you have entrusted to us. Amen.

Welcome to Miss Servedio's 2nd Grade Class! I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year!

Congratulations! 2-3 has made their First Holy Communion!

Day A: Liturgical Music 1:10-1:50
Day B: Music 10:30-11:10
Day C: Art 1:50-2:30
Day D: Library 10:30-11:10
Day E: Gym 1:50-2:30
Day F: Computers 1:50-2:30

This month we will learn about:

ReligionMary Our Mother
Math: Measurement
LA:   Present & Past tense Action Verbs & The Verb "be"
Science:  Matter & Interactions
Reading:  Story: Working In Space

Please report your child's absence or change in dismissal routine on the Pick Up Patrol app. An absent note must accompany your child on the day he/she returns from an absence. Thank y

Arrival for all students: 8:15AM
Walker Dismissal: 2:40PM
Bus Dismissal: 2:45PM
**Lunch 11:10-12:10PM

Spelling Test Rubric: 

14 - 16 = 3 (grade level understanding)
11 - 13 = 2 (partial understanding)
1 - 10 =   1 (minimal understanding)

Reading Comprehension Rubric: 

10 =  4 (thorough and consistent understanding)
7-9 = 3 (grade level understanding)
4-6 = 2 (partial understanding)
1-3 = 1 (minimal understanding)