Class Information

Week of 1.22
Religion:Luminous Mysteries

Social Studies:
Resource Maps/Japan
Science: Food Chains
ELA: Adjectives

Lesson 14

Homework - January
1.22.18 - Spelling 2x Each
Math: 713-714

Week of 1.22.18 - Ben has square piece of paper cut in half. Claire says by cutting the square in half he'll have  8 right angles. Is Claire correct? Why or why not?

Policies and Procedures

School Uniform Notice
: Please be conscience of the schools uniform policy. Infractions will be noted for uniform violations. Information can be found in the handbook on the school calendar.

Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Pretzels (orders will be taken on Monday) 
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets
Friday: Bagels: plain, butter, cream cheese (orders will be taken on Wednesday)
*All food items listed above are $1.50
*Snacks are $0.50, Water $0.75, Juice $0.50, Ice cream $1.00

Test/Quiz Policy
When a test or quiz is returned home, please sign it and return it to school the next day. They will remain in the classroom until the end of the Trimester. Thank you!

Third Grade Homework Policy
(Per Trimester):

1st missing/incomplete: Completed the next day in class during DEAR Time.
2nd missing/incomplete: Added to the next night's homework.
3rd missing/incomplete: Stay in at recess to complete.
​4th missing/incomplete: Stay after school to complete.

* This does not apply when a child is absent.