Problem of the Week

Below you will find the problem of the week. A problem will be posted each week on Monday, and due in class on Friday.

Be sure to have a full heading, and copy the problem in your blue math notebooks.

Week of 5/22/17

Nina measured the mass of an object. The object had a mass of 1 kilogram. Name an item that Nina most likely measured and explain your reasoning.

Week of 5/15/17

Independent reading time starts at 1:34 pm. It ends at 1:56pm. How many minutes does independent reading time last?  Draw two clocks to show the start and end time.

Week of 5/8/17 Rita started reading a book at 4:03 pm.
She read until one half hour past 4 in the afternoon. What is the elapsed time that Rita read her book? Draw a clock and explain your reasoning.

Week of 5/1/17

Cam made a pattern by counting back from 60 by fives. First, he says 60. What is the sixth number he says? Draw a clock and explain.

Week of 4/24/17

Kristen made two pies that were exactly the same size. The first pie was a cherry pie, which she cut into 6 equal slices. The second was a pumpkin pie, which she cut into 12 equal pieces. Kristen takes her pies to a party. Her friends eat 3 slices of cherry pie and 6 slices of pumpkin pie. Did her friends eat more cherry pie or pumpkin pie? Draw a model and explain your reasoning. 

Week of 4/3/17

Mr. Brady draws a fraction on the board. Ken said it's 2/3, and Dan said its 3/2. Do both of these fractions mean the same thing? If not, which fraction is larger? Draw a number line to model 2/3 and 3/2. Use words, pictures, and numbers to explain your comparison.
Week of 3/27/17

Tatiana ate 1/2 of a small carrot. Louis ate 1/4 of a large carrot. Who ate more? Use words and pictures to explain your answer.

Week of 3/20/17

Solve the problem and draw models. Explain your reasoning. Cameron at 3 slices of pizza. Amanda ate 2 slices of pizza. There are 8 slices of pizza in a whole pie. What fraction of pizza did Amanda eat? What fraction of pizza remains?

Week of 3/13/17

If 8 cupcakes are shared equally between 4 friends, how many cupcakes would each person get? Write your answer as a fraction and as a whole number.  Solve and explain your reasoning.

Week of 3/6/17

Nicole is putting eggs into a box. She puts 6 eggs in each row. She makes 4 rows. How many eggs does Nicole put into the box?

Week of 2/27/17

Rebecca spends $208 on 7 flashlights and a tent for a family camping trip. Each flashlight costs the same amount and the tent costs $145. How much does each flashlight cost?