Homework/H.W. Policy

**Homework Reminder:
Parents: Please initial your child's homework every night to verify that you have seen his/her homework. Thank you so much!**

Homework: Thursday 10/18/18

1) Reading Log
Go Math vol. 1 page 245
3) Safety Town slip & money
4) Science Test Thursday 11/25
5) Review your math facts

Spelling Words:  no spelling homework this week

Vocabulary Words: 

Back to School Night PPT below:

    "No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted."
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*Third Grade Homework Policy for each Trimester:

1st missing/incomplete homework = complete next day in class

2nd missing/incomplete homework = added to the next night's homework

3rd missing/incomplete homework = stay in at recess to complete

4th missing/incomplete homework = stay after school to complete