Important Class Information

* Many students are still not fluent with their basic multiplication facts. It is imperative that students are practicing their multiplication at home. Each student will have the opportunity to bring home the mathematics keyboard to practice with. Please also utilize

*Please check the "Homework/Homework Policy" tab for the daily homework

*School Uniform Notice: Please be conscience of the schools uniform policy. Information can be found in the handbook on the school calendar.

*Scholastic Class code: Q9LLX

*Check the Photo Albums for class pictures

* Reading logs are to be submitted at the end of each month.

Please check the calendar for the due date. They can be printed from the class resources section of the webpage.

*Please make sure your child has 2 Chapter Books in school to read during D.E.A.R. time.

*Reminder: Spelling tests are every Friday unless stated otherwise.

*Weekly Journey's quizzes will be held in class on Friday unless stated otherwise.

*Reading logs should  be done throughout the week as much as possible. Due dates will be posted on calendar.

*Extra Help will be held before a mathematics assessment.

*Signing & Returning Tests/Quizzes Policy:

When a test or quiz is returned to your child, please look it over to see how he or she did. Please sign and return it with your son or daughter to school the following school day.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!