Class 3-4 Mrs. Lisa Ondra
Welcome January! Happy & Healthy 2019!
Check out the Photo Gallery link to see some of the fun we've been having in 3-4 this year!

Baby Wipes are needed to help in the cafeteria & Lysol/Clorox Wipes are needed for the classroom, thanks!

I am Mrs. Lisa Ondra and will be your child's 3rd grade teacher this year. I am a proud graduate of Kellenberg Memorial High School and Molloy College, where I received my Bachelor's and Master's degrees. This is my 20th year teaching here at St. Agnes. I have always been in the 3rd grade. I like to think of St. Agnes as my home away from home. I believe very strongly about Catholic Education and have my own 2 children in catholic school as well. I look forward to a spiritual and successful school year! 

Monthly School Theme: Initiative

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*St. Agnes' School Theme:
Accepting Christ Today in One Another

Check out what we're learning in:
Religion - Chapter 10: The Church Prays, Luminous Mysteries
Math - Go Math Volume 2 Chapter 11: Perimeter & Area
Reading - Journeys Lesson 12: The Science Fair
Grammar- Pronouns
ELA - Module Books: Lon Po Po
Social Studies - China
Science - Food Web & Food Chain

3rd Grade Dominican Saint
Blessed Margaret of Castello
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Feast Day: April 13th


Day A: 
Day B: Gym 8:30-9:10 and Library 1:10-1:50
Day C: Art 1:10-1:50
Day D: Computer 1:50-2:30
Day E: 
Day F: Liturgical Music 9:50-10:30 and Music 1:50-2:30

Cafeteria News:
Tuesday: Pizza
Wednesday: Pretzels (orders will be taken on Monday) are still $1.50
Thursday: Chicken Nuggets
Friday: Bagels: plain, butter, cream cheese (orders will be taken on Wednesday)
*All food items listed above are $2.00
*Snacks are $0.50, Water $0.75, Juice $0.50, Ice cream $1.00

Spelling Rubric:
Level 4: 18-18 correct + bonus (18 correct is the expectation after using the words all week)
Level 3: 14-17 correct 
Level 2: 11-13 correct
Level 1: 10 correct & below

Third Grade Homework Policy(Per Trimester):
1st missing/incomplete - complete next day in class
2nd missing/incomplete - added to the next night's homework
3rd missing/incomplete - stay in at recess to complete

4th missing/incomplete - stay after school to complete

*To contact Mrs. Ondra, please call 678-5550 ext. 304 and leave a voicemail,send an email to, or send a note with your child and I will get back to you as soon as possible! Thank you!