Weekly Classwork & Homework

Week of January 14, 2019
Spelling Words from Module story Lon Po Po (double consonant pattern)- pulled, begged, hugged, silly, correct, latter, matter, supper, common, lesson, collect, setting, bottles, different, jelly, dinner, hotter, bitter

Vocabulary Words from Module story Lon Po Po- disguised, cunning, weave, tender, brittle, pace, furious, shout

Problem Of the Week:
Problem Of the Week for January 14, 2019
Due Friday, January 18th

A square name tag has sides that are 10 centimeters long. What is the area of the name tag? Draw a picture and solve. Show your work and use words to explain your steps for solving.

Math- GM Volume 2 pg. 667
Spelling- 2x each, 1x print, 1x script

Math- GM Vol. 2 pg. 673
Spelling- ABC Order


Math- GM Vol. 2 pg. 679
SS- Study

Math- GM Vol. 2 pg. 685
Science- text pg. B45 #'s1-5
Spelling- Study

*Please cover Go Math Vol. 2 in contact paper
*Family picture for Catholic Schools Week board due asap!