Word Problems

Word problems for the week of March 27


Monday: James wants to send two gifts by mail. One package weighs 2 ¾ pounds. The other package weighs 1 ¾ pounds. What is the total weight of the packages?

Tuesday: Gina has 5 2/6 feet of silver ribbon and 2 4/6 of gold ribbon. How much more silver ribbon does Gina have than gold ribbon?

Wednesday: Bella brought 8/10 gallon of water on a hiking trip. She drank 6/10 gallon of water. How much water is left?

Thursday: Rita is making chili. The recipe calls for 2 ¾ cups of tomatoes. How many cups of tomatoes, written as a fraction greater than one, are used in the recipe?



 ** Please be sure to show ALL your work and complete the word problems in the back of your notebook in the "Word Problems" section.