Class 4-4 Miss Trisha Valerakis

       Welcome 4-4!

Welcome to Miss Valerakis' class!  Please be sure to check our class website for important news and updates on upcoming projects, tests/quizzes and events.  Don't forget to check Mrs. Mayo's website (Class 4-3) for information on Science and Math.  Please be sure to check the Parent Portal on a weekly basis for updated grades.

Remember, if you're too busy for're just too busy!

Monthly Theme: Justice


Miss Valerakis' Class 2016-2017

Important Reminders:
*Students who are absent must return to school with a note stating the reason for their absence!
*Only workbooks should be covered using contact paper!
*Please be sure to check your child's take home folder on a daily basis for any important information!

**Please note that if you wish to place Scholastic Book Club Orders online, our class activation code is HHQQT!

**It is very important for students to read independently at home for at least 20 minutes! 
**Students should also come to class with at least 2 erasable pens and 2 pencils! 

**All assessments should be signed and returned to school the following day it is returned.
**Please sign your child's agenda book each night!

**Students should keep a book in their desks at all times for DEAR time.


Helpful Study Tips
* Please be sure to check out the many resources and web-sites which can be found on my links page. There are many fun web-sites related to what we are learning about!
* Once a week, take the time to write about something you enjoy.  Be sure to include an opening and closing sentence with supporting details.
* Even if you do not have an upcoming test, take the time to review your notes a couple of times a week.  This will help you be prepared when the time comes for a quiz or test.
* If you are confused with social studies terms, make a couple of index cards a week to help prepare for an exam.
* Read each night and talk to someone about what you read!
If you are confused about any topics, ask questions!

Parents, if you would like to participate in any of our school activities, such as chaperoning a field trip, please be sure to complete the appropriate VIRTUS training.