Subject Area Information

                      This Week's Curriculum (December 10-14)
ELA: Writing a four paragraph essay on a favorite Christmas tradition
Social Studies: NYS Story Chapter 6- Living in New Netherland
ReadingNovel study of "Wonder" by RJ Palacio

The following is the rubric is used for spelling tests:

Level 4 - one error or less
Level 3- two to six errors

Level 2- seven to ten errors

Level 1- more than ten errors

Students also need to use correct punctuation and spelling for the two sentences they are given to write.

The following is the rubric used for the monthly Current Event Report:

-Attached the article used for the report (1 point)
-Highlighted or underlined important facts in the article ( 1 point)
-Correctly identified the story as local, state, national, or world ( 1 point)
-Correctly identified where the news story took place (1 point)
-Correctly identified when the news story took place ( 1 point)
-Correctly identified the people/ characters involved in the news story (1 point)
-Expressed an opinion about personal interest for choosing the article (1 point)
-Correctly summarized main parts of the article (1 point)
- Wrote neatly and used proper grammar (1 point)
-No more than 2 spelling errors (1 point)

Level 4: 9-10 points
Level 3: 7-8 points
Level 2: 6 points
Level 1: 5 and below

All notebooks should be labeled as follows:

Social Studies - Red
Math - Yellow
Science/ Health - Green
Reading/ Vocabulary - Purple
ELA/ Spelling - Blue
Religion/ Journal - Orange
Please check our class website for important news and updates on upcoming projects, tests, and quizzes in ELA, Reading, Spelling and Social Studies.  Also, check Mrs. Bolic’s website (Class 4-3) for information on Science, Math, Health and Religion. Remember to log on to the Parent Portal on a weekly basis for updated grades.