Class 5-3 Mrs. Christina M Antonacci

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Our Monthly 
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God of all creation, thank you for the beauty and wonder of our earth and all its creatures. Help us to protect your gifts of creation by caring for and respecting the environment. Amen.

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Class 5-3

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We will journey through time!      ship
Anchors aweigh to a great adventures!

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Welcome to 5th grade
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What do the United States, Canada, and Mexico all have in common? Let's investigate this year and find out!

Current Social Studies Topics
Creating a Nation
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Order Scholastic Books online!!
Use our class activation code: 
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Our class will earn a free book for our library with every online order!


Dear Parents,

Please remember to check the following for important information:
 - "Tuesday Packets" on the school's homepage
 - Check ALL fifth grade class Google Classrooms &  websites daily.  
 - Check Parent Portal on a regular basis

This will help keep you informed on important news and your child's progress!

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Students need to bring in 2 chapter books of their choice for reading in class.
...Books need to be replaced once they are finished!

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Day A: Art   1:10 – 1:50

Day B: Library 9:10 – 9:50

Day C: Gym 9:50 – 10:30

Day D: Liturgical Music 9:50 – 10:30

Day E: Music 1:10 – 1:50

Day F: Computers 9:50 – 10:30

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5th Grade Teachers:
Ms. Markey (5-1) ELA and Reading
Mrs. O'Loughlin (5-2) Math and Religion
Mrs. Christina M. Antonacci(5-3) Social Studies,  Reading, and Guidance
Mrs. Magas (5-4) Science and Religion

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Cafeteria Information:
Tuesday: Pizza

Wednesday: Pretzels

Thursday: Chicken nuggets
Friday: Bagels

All of these items are $1.50
Ice cream is $1.00
Snacks are $0.50



Uniform Requirements
Both boys & girls can wear a polo shirt.
Boys: Navy or white socks only.. NO COLORED SOCKS! All boys must wear a belt!


Contact information:


Our Monthly Themes:

September: Unity

October: Empathy

November: Charity

December: Love

January: Respect

February: Sacrifice

March: Mercy

April: Care of Creation

May: Holiness

June: Reflection

July: Rest

August: Relaxation
Remember, if you're too busy for God...
you're just too busy!

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