Class 6-4 Miss Yelitza Ynoa

I Love Math

 In 6th Grade, we will explore the world of:

-Ratios and Proportional Relationships
-The Number System
-Expressions and Equations
-Statistics and Probability

  "I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
-Mother Theresa

This month we will cover: Chapter 11: Statistical Measures and Chapter 12: Statistical Display
-Measures of Variation
-Mean Absolute Deviation
-Appropriate Measures
-Box Plots
-Line Plots
-Line Graphs
-Distribution of Data: symmetry, gaps, clusters, and peaks

***Last extra help session will be held on Tuesday 5/30 at 7:30
***Permission slips for sixth grade field trip is due no later than Wednesday 6/7

***You may purchase the online version of the workbook that we use in class- Glencoe Workbook-Course 1: student version.
This electronic version of the workbook will include videos, extra practice problems, step-by-step explanations, etc. To purchase please click on the link below:

Upcoming Tests: 
Math Test: Tuesday 5/30
Test will cover Statistics: Chapters 11 and 12

6th Grade Finals Schedule:
Writing/Essay Part:
-Wednesday 5/31: SS Writing Part
-Thursday 6/1: Science Lab
-Friday 6/2: ELA Writing Part

Monday 6/5: Math Final

-Tuesday 6/6: SS Final
-Thursday 6/7: ELA Final
-Friday 6/8: Science Final





November- Gratitude 

 December- Patience

 January- Courage 

February- Gentleness
March- Mercy
April- Justice
May- Honesty
June- Faithfulness

And always remember....  
If you're too busy for God, you're just too busy! 

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