Meet the Teacher
Get to Know Miss Ynoa
Hello sixth graders! Welcome back! Hope everyone had an amazing summer! This summer I went on my first cruise to The Bahamas and I had an amazing experience. Besides going on vacation, I also volunteered for the Parish of St. Mary during their Vacation Bible School Camp. I have been volunteering for two years and hope to continue doing so. 
This year will be my second year teaching at St. Agnes Cathedral. I am very excited to be back and to spread my passion for math with all my students. I earned my undergraduate degree in Mathematics with a concentration in Secondary Education at St. Joseph's College. 
We have a fun filled year ahead of us exploring math. I am certain that we will all achieve great things this year. Remember, we can all achieve great things if we all put our minds to it. The theme for this school year is "Grit". With this in mind, remember to always try your best even if you do not succeed the first time.
I look forward to meeting and getting to know each one of you! Let's make this year a great one!

Miss Ynoa