8th Grade Math/Algebra-Mrs. Kelly


10/17/17 - The algebra textbooks have been distributed to every student.  
Please remind your child to review the notes and HW DAILY!! 

9/28/17 - as of Monday 9/25/17, I have started posting all HW ASSIGNMENTS, CLASS NOTES, HW answer keys and other pertinent information on google classroom.  Students should be checking this daily and READING OVER THEIR NOTES DAILY!!!
9/18/17 - The codes for google classroom have been distributed.

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead.
Lots of GRIT, lots of work BUT..
lots of fun too!!

Parents: the students watched this video in class.
It offers great advice to students!
Great article on how a parent's math anxiety can be easily passed on to their child:

Students should be checking this website/google classroom daily to ensure that their class notes are up-to-date.

They should also be checking the HW answer key each day that is posted daily.  This is a great way for each student to keep up with the material and to check in detail if their HW is correct.  This is key to a successful year.

Monthly Theme:
September - Unity
October - Empathy
November - Charity
December -Love
January - Respect
February - Sacrifice
March - Mercy
April - Care of Creation
May - Holiness
June - Reflection

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's website.
I have been teaching for a total of 12 years, 7 at St.Agnes(3 years in 6th grade and 4 years in 8th grade)
I have been married for 35 wonderful years to my husband Jim.  Together we have raised 3 great daughters, Ellen(30), Emma(26), and Gwen(21).
I have lots of favorite sayings, but I think this one sums up a philosophy necessary to succeed in Algebra
"Never, never, never give up'"
Winston Churchhill