8th Grade Math/Algebra-Mrs. Kelly


May 11th - Students must bring their WORKING calculator , regents review book, regent test booklet to class every day. They will be marked as unprepared otherwise. We have started reviewing regents questions as well as finishing up Statistics. EVERYTHING THEY NEED TO KNOW FOR THE REGENTS IS IN THE REVIEW BOOK THEY RECEIVED. IT IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO START REVIEWING THE MATERIAL AND HW ANSWER KEYS NOW SO THEY ARE WELL PREPARED ON JUNE 13TH 3/6/17 - The students have been advised that they need their own working graphing calculator every day in class. If a family shares this calculator, please let me know. If this is not followed, the student will receive a zero for a homework. 1/26/17 - Please make sure your son/daughter is adhering to the uniform dress code. The children have all been spoken to regarding this matter. Friday Feb 3rd is a uniform measurement day. We will be sending any students that need to be measured for a new uniform. Dec 13th -If the calendar is not loading properly, you must clear your browser.  This is a temporary fix until ECHALK can fix this bug. 
November 3-
Here is a video for solving a system of eqns graphically:
Here is a video for solving a system of eqns using substitution:

Here is a video for solving a system of eqns with elimination:

I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead.
Lots of GRIT, lots of work BUT..
lots of fun too!!

Parents: the students watched this video in class.
It offers great advice to students!
Great article on how a parent's math anxiety can be easily passed on to their child:

Students should be checking this website daily to ensure that their class notes are up-to-date.

They should also be checking the HW answer key each day that is posted daily.  This is a great way for each student to keep up with the material and to check in detail if their HW is correct.  This is key to a successful year.

Monthly Theme:
September - Hospitality
October - Peace
November -Gratitude 
December -Patience
January -Courage 
February - Gentleness
March - Mercy
April - Justice
May - Honesty
June - Faithfulness

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's website.
I have been teaching for a total of 11 years, 6 at St.Agnes(3 years in 6th grade and 3 years in 8th grade)
I have been married for 34 wonderful years to my husband Jim.  Together we have raised 3 great daughters, Ellen(29), Emma(25), and Gwen(20).
I am also the mom to Sam, our 13 year old yellow lab.
I have lots of favorite sayings, but I think this one sums up a philosophy necessary to succeed in Algebra
"Never, never, never give up'"
Winston Churchhill