8th Grade Math/Algebra-Mrs. Kelly


Lord, as I walk through this world, let your grace light my path,
your mercy shelter my soul, and your love heal my heart.

The algebra regents is Tuesday, June 12th
Students are to arrive at 12:45
with a graphing calculator, 2 sharpened pencils, 2 pens and a ruler.
All electronic devices must be left home or will be collected before the exam starts.

3/1/18 - We are currently studying quadratic functions. Students must have a working TI-84 calculator in class every day.

10/17/17 - The algebra textbooks have been distributed to every student.
 Please remind your child to review the notes and HW DAILY!!
9/28/17 - as of Monday 9/25/17, I have started posting all HW ASSIGNMENTS, CLASS NOTES, HW answer keys and other pertinent information on google classroom.  Students should be checking this daily and READING OVER THEIR NOTES DAILY!!!
9/18/17 - The codes for google classroom have been distributed.

Parents: the students watched this video in class.
It offers great advice to students!
Great article on how a parent's math anxiety can be easily passed on to their child:

Students should be checking this website/google classroom daily to ensure that their class notes are up-to-date.

They should also be checking the HW answer key each day that is posted daily.  This is a great way for each student to keep up with the material and to check in detail if their HW is correct.  This is key to a successful year.

Monthly Theme:
September - Unity
October - Empathy
November - Charity
December -Love
January - Respect
February - Sacrifice
March - Mercy
April - Care of Creation
May - Holiness
June - Reflection

Welcome to Mrs. Kelly's website. I have been teaching for a total of 12 years, 7 at St.Agnes(3 years in 6th grade and 4 years in 8th grade) I have been married for 35 wonderful years to my husband Jim. Together we have raised 3 great daughters, Ellen,Emma, and Gwen.
I have lots of favorite sayings, but I think this one sums up a philosophy necessary to succeed in Algebra "Never, never, never give up'" Winston Churchhill