Spanish (7th & 8th Grade)

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I would first like to express how incredibly proud I am of the 7th grade class for their perseverance, dedication and handwork they have shown me this month! We have just finished the First Chapter of our material. I am so happy with everyone's progress thus far! The children are able to express in Spanish so far:
How to ask someone what their name is
How to say what their name is
Tell their origin/Ask someone what their origin is
Say how they are feeling/Ask someone how they are feeling
Tell how old they are/Ask how old someone is
Tell when their birthday is/ask someone when their birthday is
Say the days of the week/months of the year
The numbers 0-31
Tell the date/how to write the date
Say their favorite day of the week
Tell character traits about themselves/friends
Tell what they like/don't like to do
Completing the "YO SOY" (I am) projects which look so awesome!

This month in 7th Grade our theme is LA ESCUELA! (School) Some objectives and topics covered in this chapter include:
Talking about our school supplies and things around the classroom Talking about our school classes in Spanish Reading school schedules in Spanish
Telling time in Spanish

This month in 8th Grade our theme is IR DE COMPRAS Y LA ROPA (Clothing and shopping) Some objectives and topics covered in this chapter include:
Talking about different items of clothing
Talking about what clothes the children like to wear
Talking about how different clothing fits
Asking how much things cost