Class K-1 Karin Hintze


October is here and the fun continues in K-1.

We will continue to learn about all of God's Beautiful Creations and how He made each of us so very special.
We will explore All Saints Day and learn about those we honor on this Holy Day.

Number counting and comparing continues in math as well as identifying, sounding out, and writing letters in ELA. The children will also be tapping out
and reading CVC words.
The children love Guided Reading/Literacy Centers.
They have come so far already.

We will be studying Christopher Columbus and Transportation in Social Studies and Autumn
and Feelings in Science.

Then the K-1 Kids will get all dressed up in their costumes as we end the month with the Saint Agnes Cathedral School Halloween Party and Parade.

Please note that you can find the Homework for the month and the Sight Word Lists under Resources.



Three things in Human Life Are Important. The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa      


K-1 Special Schedule

A Day      Computer
B Day       Music
C Day       Library
D Day       Liturgical Music
E Day        Art
F Day Gym