Class K-1 Karin Hintze


November was such an exciting
month in K-1.

Mayor McDonald of Malverne visited on

Election Day and spoke about the election

process, the importance of voting, and her

 responsibilities as Mayor.

We are very grateful for the time she spent

 with us.


K-1 was in the presence of HEROES

as we celebrated Veterans Day

  by paying tribute to

 the brave military members of the
K-1 Family.

  The children worked very

hard preparing for this day. 

Their decorations, songs, poem, and

 the honor and respect they showed our

 heroes, was heartwarming.

A huge Thank You

to our Veterans for sharing this day with

 us and for their courageous service

to our country.


Community Readers Day was
another exciting

 event in November.

A big Thank You to Mrs. Gunn.

We had so much fun!


More exciting times ahead in the

month of December.


Advent begins and we are

preparing our hearts

for the coming of Jesus.


We will explore Christmas traditions from

 around the world and discuss Community

 Helpers in Social Studies.  Winter will be the

 focus in Science and subtraction in Math.


We will continue working on writing a

 complete sentence using uppercase first

 letter and end punctuation. 


Please note that you can find the Homework for the month and the Sight Word Lists under Resources.

Three things in Human Life Are Important. The first is to be Kind. The second is to be Kind. The third is to be Kind.

        Mother Teresa 

virtue of the Month

K-1 Special Schedule

A Day      Computer
B Day       Music
C Day       Library
D Day       Liturgical Music
E Day        Art
F Day Gym