Class K-2 Mrs. Wendy Hofmann

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‚Äč Virtue of the Month:Faith

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  It's crazy - but the 100th day is almost here!  We are 100 days smarter!  It really is incredible how much the K2 kids have grown since day 1, and I am so proud of them!!

February begins with the annual appearance of the groundhog, and Phil, Mel, Hal, AND Chuck all are in agreement this year - we can expect an early Spring!  This month, the K2 meteorologists will record the weather daily, and see if this little guy knows what he's talking about.  We will have an in-depth study of the seasons and weather events.

February is Dental Health Month, and we want to make sure we are aware of how to care for our teeth.

The celebration of Lunar New Year is coming, and we will explore the customs associated with the holiday.

February is Black History Month, and we will be introduced to men and women whose contributions made our country a better place.

Presidents' Week will be arriving shortly, and we will learn about two of our country's most influential leaders - George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who both had birthdays this month.

We continue our study of addition and subtraction, and numbers through 20.

Ii, Gg, and Rr will be our focus in Language Arts.

We have been learning about Jesus, and will continue as we get closer to Lent.

We can't wait to show our new friends how much they mean to us on Valentine’s Day!  The children have so much fun exchanging cards with their classmates!




A DAY – Music


B DAY – Art


C DAY – Computer


D DAY – Gym
*Please wear sneakers on Gym day*


E DAY – Music


F Day – Library




Please label all items that come to school, as the items that sometimes end up lost may surprise you!!