Class K-2 Mrs. Wendy Hofmann

Illustration Of Colorful Autumn Leaves.png
It seems that the weather has been letting us know summer is officially OVER and autumn has begun!  What a chilly start to the new month!  We will continue to talk about the season and the weather and activities associated with it.

We will explore the life cycle of a pumpkin…perfect preparation for Halloween!  We will discuss favorite Halloween traditions.  Of course, the holiday wouldn’t be complete without our annual party and parade on the 30th!

We will talk about transportation and vehicles, and are hoping we get to see a certain big red one as we learn about fire safety!

We will learn about farms and the animals and crops you might find on one as we prepare for our first kindergarten field trip!

We will continue to discuss each letter, the sound it makes, and how to form it before beginning our week long, in-depth study of each one.  We will start later this month with Mm and Ss.

We will count and compare (greater than/less than) numbers.

We will continue to celebrate all of God’s creations.  As we near November, will be introduced to the saints, most notably – Saint Teresa of Calcutta – Mother Teresa.

Please note the October homework as well as the Pre-Primer Dolch Sight Words can be found under "Resources."


The child is the beauty of God present in the world,

that greatest gift to a family.

~Mother Teresa




A DAY – Gym (9:10-9:50)

Please wear sneakers on Gym day


B DAY – Computer (9:10-9:50)


C DAY – Music (9:10-9:50)


D DAY – Liturgical Music

*every other cycle*



E DAY – Art (9:50-10:30)


F Day – Library (9:10-9:50)




Please label all items that come to school, as the items that sometimes end up lost may surprise you!!