Class K4 Miss Victoria Smith

Welcome to Class K4!
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Step By Step
You'll Lead Me
And I will follow you

All the days of my life.


The Virtue of the Month is Care of Creation
Creation Song
God made the earth and God made the sky,

God made the fish and the birds that fly,

Animals, flowers, trees so tall,

God made everything great and small.

God made all that I can see.

God made you, and God made me.


Kindness...Pass it on! Try to remember every day to use kind words and actions with your friends.

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In April, we will learn about Bible stories. 

We will celebrate Earth Day and learn about map skills.

We will learn about seeds & plants and nutrition.

We will analyze and compare 2D & 3D shapes and compose
simple shapes to form larger shapes.  We will continue to
practice addition and subtraction, solve word problems
and complete number bonds.

We will identify plural words, use question words & identify long and short vowel sounds.  We will continue to "fingertap"  to help us spell words.  We will capitalize the first word in a sentence and use a punctuation mark at the end.  We will discuss the main idea, characters, settings and events in a story.  

The Homework sheet can be found under "Resources".

You will also find our 3 word lists under "Resources".  List 1 is Preprimer.  List 2 is Primer.   List 3 is First Grade.

Our Favorite Kindergarten Apps: 
Dora Phonics, Dora Abc, Abby Sight Words, Butterfly Math, Monkey Math, Teach Me Kindergarten & Teach Me First Grade and Math Bug. 

A Day   Music
B Day    Gym
  C Day    Computer
D Day    Liturgical Music
E Day    Library
F Day    Art

The children must wear sneakers on gym day.

Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Teresa