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Welcome to Class K4!
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By Anne Cetas

The Virtue of the Month is Reflection

                O God of all beginnings and endings,
We praise and thank you for the gift of this school year.
It has been a time filled with grace and blessings.    Amen.   



Kindness...Pass it on! Try to remember every day to use kind words and actions with your friends.

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In June, we will continue to enjoy & retell Bible stories. 

We will learn about Flag Day & national symbols.

We will learn about the season of summer & sun safety.

We will classify, sort & count objects.  We will count pennies and dimes.  We will continue to 
practice addition, subtraction and solve word 

We will continue to use question words & identify long and short vowel sounds.  We will continue to "fingertap" sounds  to spell words.  We will capitalize the first word in a sentence and use a punctuation mark at the end.  We will discuss the main idea, characters, settings and events in a story.  

The Homework sheet can be found under "Resources".

You will also find our 3 word lists under "Resources".  List 1 is Preprimer.  List 2 is Primer.   List 3 is First Grade.

Our Favorite Kindergarten Apps: 
Dora Phonics, Dora Abc, Abby Sight Words, Butterfly Math, Monkey Math, Teach Me Kindergarten & Teach Me First Grade and Math Bug. 

A Day   Music
B Day    Gym
  C Day    Computer
D Day    Liturgical Music
E Day    Library
F Day    Art

The children must wear sneakers on gym day.

Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Teresa