Class K4 Miss Victoria Smith

Welcome to Class K4!
School Building.png
B Day    Music
  C Day    Library
D Day    Gym  
E Day    Art
F Day    Computer (Every Other Cycle)

The children must wear sneakers on gym day.

In June, we will retell our favorite Bible stories.  
 will continue to practice our prayers including the Glory Be.

    We will learn about national symbols.   We will learn about summer characteristics & summer safety..

We will  sort & graph objects.
   We will  continue to fluently add and subtract within 5.  

  We will continue to identify short & long vowel sounds.  We will continue to read & write sight words.   We will continue to "fingertap" sounds to spell 3 letter words.  We will read word families.  (Example: rat, cat, sat, mat)  

 We will listen & retell stories.  We will identify main idea, setting, characters & major events in a story.    We will write & edit sequential stories (First,Next,Last).  We will expand our sentences.  We will read emergent readers.   

Peace begins with a smile.
Mother Teresa