Technology Guidelines

Parents please read this information regarding students using their electronic devices in school: 
The following are the rules regarding the use of iPads/iTouches/iPhones/Kindles/etc: 
1) IF a teacher allows students to use iPads in her class, it is for note-taking purposes ONLY or to silently read a book. If a student is found using it in any other way during class (games/apps), it will be taken away and that student loses the privilege to bring their device to school. The device will need to be picked up in the office by a parent. 
2) ALL cellphones must be turned in to the teacher in the morning and are kept in the office. Any student who is found to have it with them during the day will have it taken away. His or her parents will have to come to school and pick it up in the office. Students will lose the privilege to bring their phone to school. 
3) Any students using devices in school are not allowed to be connected to the schools Wi-Fi. All students have been reminded of this. The schools Wi-Fi is only to be used on school computers. If a student has Wi-Fi on, they too can have their device taken away. 

We appreciate you reminding your son or daughter of these rules. Thank you!