Procedures and Behavior


1. Children enter building through main entrance.

2. Children will wait in the Main Hallway until directed to go to the classrooms.


1. Enter and exit the building quietly.

2. Grades 58 organize books for the AM and PM schedule of classes and homework assignments. All materials must be in ready for the entire morning or afternoon. Children are not permitted to go to the cubbies or lockers at any time other than during the homeroom period. Children may not return to the classroom for forgotten materials. -

3. Prepare for day quietly.

4. Listen in silence to the announcements.

5. Recite prayers: AM: Morning Offering PM: Act of Contrition LUNCH: Grace before meals


Children are expected to be quiet and orderly when walking through the building.


Children are expected to:

1. Enter and leave the dining area quietly.

2. Take and remain in designated seats.

3. Follow the directions of the teacher and aides.

4. Sponge off the table, dispose of garbage and pick up debris around table.

5. Respond immediately when the bell is rung.

6. Recite grace after meals.


Children are expected to:

1. Properly utilize equipment appropriate for play in the yard. This includes, jump ropes, basketball, tennis, soccer and kick balls.

2. Avoid playing such games as keep away, butts up and other activities deemed unsafe by the aides.

3. Respond in a positive and respectful manner to the aides.

4. Stop playing and line up at the sound of the bell.

5. Avoid rough play and fighting.

6. Include all those who wish to participate in a game.

7. Ask an aide to retrieve any balls that go into the street or neighboring yard(s).

8. Ask permission from the aides to re-enter the building.

CONSEQUENCES of unacceptable behavior during lunch and recess

1. 1st offense: Warning with name in the book

2. 2nd offense: 1 hour detention after school/parent notified

3. 3rd offense: conference with student and administration/detention/letter home

4. 4th offense: teacher/parent/student/administration meeting/possible deprivation of lunch time privileges

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